If you’re interested in purchasing one of the many amazing Murano glass souvenirs you’ll find during your stay in the city, you should bear a few things in mind and be careful about the following criteria and certifications:

  1. Look for the label

Apart from some exceptions, it’s better to do your glass shopping in Murano rather than in the city of Venice. While strolling through its streets, you’ll be spoiled by the choice. First of all, make sure the item has actually been handcrafted on the island. Authentic Murano glass products are protected by the Vetro Artistico Murano trademark, including a sticker attached to the product on sale.

2. Don’t expect to have custom-made products ready within a day

Large objects (like lamps or chandeliers) require hours of work. Furthermore, each piece is unique, meaning that small imperfections are an integral part of the value of the object.

3. You can negotiate a price, but quality is always expensive

Crafting authentic Murano glass is no easy task and does not come cheap. In short, if you come across a shop selling mass-produced items that promises quick delivery times or tempts you with low prices, beware. An interesting option could be touring some factories and buying a souvenir at the end of your visit.