There are times in which a city reveals its true soul; for example during festivities that require months of preparation and that the locals consider a part of their identity. Such is the importance of these events, that they attract visitors from all over the world. Much like the Palio of Siena or the Jubilee in Rome, the Carnival of Venice is the highlight of the year.

Among the most celebrated carnivals in the world, it offers delighted tourists dozens of events, concerts, balls, performances and parades. In fact, the city is packed to overflowing and prices soar sky-high, but the beauty and poetry of the Carnival are definitely worth it. Prepare your masks and enjoy the party!

Carnival extravaganza is mostly associated with its countless events held for almost 18 days throughout the most significant locations in the vibrant city centre. Starting from the preparation days before the official kick-in of Carnival celebrations – a true triumph of traditional craftsmanship, parades, contests to vote the most beautiful masks and even stunning regattas – adults and kids alike get struck by the unique Venetian atmosphere. A not to be missed event? The Flight of the Angel, one of the purest examples of entertainment that mark the beginning of Carnival celebrations. On this occasion, a girl -the winner of the previous year’s edition of Mary’s Carnival contest – flies over Saint Mark’s square suspended on an iron cable, blessing the crowd and surrounded by music and hand-made decorations.

After a full day outside enjoying the fun of the Carnival-related celebrations, it’s time to plunge into one of the best experiences of Venetian-style parties that combines fashiontraditionmusicdance and spectacular architectures: the Carnival Ball. For many, the Grand Carnival Ball is a dream come true. Midway between a historic re-enactment and a dinner show, a traditional date and an exclusive party, the grand ball is an opulent means of celebration for Venetians and an almost irresistible attraction for tourists. Please bear in mind two key pieces of information: carnival balls can be quite expensive, with average prices starting at around €500 per person and limited availability and, most of all, you need to wear a costume to enter the venues. So get ready to reserve your costume and mask quite in advance to get the utmost of amusement from your night!