The Orsoni Furnace – the oldest in the world – is located in the heart of the Cannaregio sestiere and reveals its secrets of glassmaking and gold-crafting.

The Orsoni Furnace belongs to the category of must-see Venetian attractions. Located in a tiny alley within the Cannaregio sestiere, a few steps away from the Jewish Ghetto, it is the oldest enamel, mosaic, and gold leaf furnace in the world. Having started its production in 1888, it has been recently restored and opened to the public.

Founded by Angelo Orsoni, this furnace provided the materials for some of the most majestic works of art in history: among these Westminster Abbey in London, Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Palaces of Saudi Arabia’s kings, the Opera Theatre of Paris, and Bangkok Golden Buddhas.

A huge Color Library holds more than 3,500 coded colours exhibited in the Furnace’s showroom. At Orsoni’s everything is handmade, hand cut, and hand coloured: a heaven for the “made in Italy”.