philanderer, libertine, writer and adventurer. Not many people know that Giacomo Casanova was also an alchemist, a diplomat, a philosopher and even a secret agent.

Following the opening of the Casanova Museum & Experience, dedicated to the life of this erudite, visitors can discover the lesser known aspects of his personality. This is not a traditional museum with relics, artifacts and memorabilia arranged in chronological order; the Casanova Museum & Experience focuses on the Casanova ‘Experience’ highlighting the innovative approach of this brand new and unusual place of cultural learning.

The space has not been conceived as a traditional museum but as a multi-media and emotional experience, designed to allow visitors to relive the atmosphere of 18th-century Venice. The exhibition ends in the room which was possibly one of the most representative of Casanova’s life: the bedroom. Here, amidst silks and damasks, visitors can admire a real 18th-century alcove.