A trip to Venice is not complete without a visit to the Rialto Market, possibly one of the city’s most authentic and traditional experiences. This is one of Venice’s most ancient markets, a one-of-a-kind place crowded with Venetians, shopkeepers and tourists eager to shop.

It is located near the Rialto Bridge on the San Polo side, extending across the Canal Grande, between Campo San Giacomo and Campo della Pescaria. Campo San Giacomo is a beautiful square surrounded by a portico called Sottoportego del Bancogiro, an ancient bank where merchants would gather to negotiate.

If you’d like to try the famous ‘cicchetti’ accompanied by a glass of wine or a spritz, a number of ‘bacari’ (Venice’s traditional taverns) can also be found in the area. Several of these bars face the opposite side of the market, on a magnificent plaza crowded with tables. From there, if you walk along the river you’ll reach a large food market and, finally, the Pescaria: the famous Fish Market.

From early morning this vibrant place is full of Venetians, who regularly shop here and browse its colourful stalls located under a loggia. Inscriptions about past fish-related regulatory measures, proclaimed by the ancient Republic of Venice, can still be found on the walls!