Artisanal workshops – or “botteghe” in Italian – are tiny jewel-like boutiques and vintage shops. This unique city offers an array of equally unique locations where you can indulge in an authentic shopping experience and purchase objet d’art, fabrics and accessories hard to find elsewhere. While strolling through Venice, you’ll discover how traditions enrich this city with its characteristic vibrancy.

Eredi Jovon: A celebrated Venetian jeweller since 1934 and the owner of one of the few remaining historical shops on the Rialto bridge, Eredi Jovon is famous for its hand-carved Italian shell and blue agate cameos, set in silver or gold and available at factory prices or on special offer. The shop is also renowned for its beautiful coralMurano glass and blackamoor jewellery. High quality, superior craftsmanship and its wide assortment of cameos and customised coral jewellery allow Eredi Jovon to satisfy the individual tastes of even the most discerning customers.

Piedàterre: Tucked away under an arcade just a few steps from the Rialto bridge is a tiny boutique with an astonishing selection of handmade shoes, where Alessandra and Renato make and sell colourful “furlane” (slippers), handcrafted with recycled bicycle-tyre treads, ideal for a gondola ride. Their creations are available in coloured velvetbrocadeprinted fabrics or recycled materials provided by their customers. Highly original and absolutely unmissable!

Tessitura Bevilacqua: Artisanal weavers specializing in the production of exquisite, decorative fabrics for furnishings and curtains. A unique place! The company has been practicing the art of weaving since 1875, on original looms that once belonged to the Venetian School of Silk.

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