The beautiful palace of Ca’ Rezzonico was built in the late 17th century to serve as residence to one of the most eminent Venetian aristocratic families. After being purchased by the city of Venice in 1935, the house started housing works of art from the 18th century and serving as the natural backdrop to daily life objectsfurnishing, richly adorned carpets and precious frescoes of the time.

The large staircase of this magnificent palazzo leads to several elegant rooms that house: paintings, sculptures and 18th century furnishings (first floor); the ‘Portego dei dipinti’ featuring canvases by Canaletto, a room dedicated to Longhi and the frescoes painted by Giandomenico Tiepolo detached from the walls of Villa Zianigo (second floor); the rooms of the Farmacia Ai do San Marchi and the exquisite Pinacoteca Egidio Martini (third floor). Alternatively, the Browning Mezzanine houses the works of the Mestrovich Collection, including works by artists like Tintoretto and Bonifacio de’ Pitati.