“In a city like Venice,” wrote the critics, “to keep amazing people is an arduous task”. However, the new Met Restaurant (its full name is the ‘New Met Restaurant and Rose Room di Raptus & Rose’) has managed to pull this off.

The magic begins with the locale. We find ourselves in the hotel where Antonio Vivaldi came to compose, Sigmund Freud to ponder and Thomas Mann to write. Gloria Beggiato, the visionary heiress of a family of hoteliers, catapulted the hotel into the new millennium by creating a luxury, five-star hotel brimming over with personality. The enogastronomic experience lives up to the expectations of the venue.

In 2005, the Met was awarded a Michelin star and since 2012 the restaurant has been headed by Luca Veritti, a chef who was trained by maestros like Gualtiero Marchesi and the Cerea brothers. The magic has now come full circle thanks to a fabulous restyling project. Opened last July, the New Met carries the signature of Silvia Bisconti, the brainchild of Raptus & Rose, a couture fashion house.

On arrival, guests find themselves immersed in an enchanting, secluded dining room surrounded by Murano glass lamps, Fortuny fabrics, antiques and design objects – an explosion of colours, mirrored in the floral aesthetic of the dishes. Veritti’s cuisine confirms the chef’s predisposition for creativity and lightness.

Since January 7th 2020 the restaurant has been temporarily closed to the public; it is however available for private parties and events.