Anyone planning a trip to Venice should make sure to include at least a half-day excursion to Murano. The island is renowned throughout the world for its artistic glass production: flower-shaped chandeliers, ornate chalices, mirrors and jewellery created at furnaces that have borne witness to the history of Venetian artistic glassmaking for the past 800 years.

Here is where master glassmakers have been developing their own unique colours and textures (the first transparent glass was invented in Murano) over the centuries, offering visitors a chance to deepen their knowledge of the techniques involved in this art. There are so many organized tours, offering differently priced collective demonstrations, that it’s often difficult to decide which one to take.
The Inside Murano Glass Tour takes visitors into the ateliers of some of the island’s best-known contemporary glassmakers where, in addition to admiring the masters’ work, they can also purchase custom-made products. This private tour with an expert guide lasts for 3 hours and allows participants to access high-end glassworks and artisanal shops that are generally closed to the public. The tour includes a visit to a small lampworking studio where customers can make a glass object of their own to proudly show to their friends on their return home.
Works of Murano glass purchased from the glass masters do come at a price, because they are authentic ‘Made in Murano’ pieces. If you’re concerned about making a purchase because of your limited baggage allowance or fragility of the glass, don’t panic. All the workshops offer customers the option of receiving their purchase directly at home, via a fast and fully insured worldwide shipping service.