Located in the heart of Venice just a few steps from the La Fenice Opera House, the Antico Martini restaurant is renowned for its authentic Venetian cuisine and romantic, elegant atmosphere.

Should you find yourself walking in this area, you’ll be attracted by the warm light enshrouding it. Soothing background music will invite you to enter and enjoy an unforgettable evening: this is the Antico Martini. Its history dates back to 1720 when it was founded as a coffee shop, in a time when the city was awash with music and theatres: for example, on 16th May 1792, La Fenice theatre was inaugurated in Campo San Fantin. Within the space of a short time, this coffee house became a meeting point for glitterati heading to the theatre, but also for artists and intellectuals.

Everyone from Arturo Toscanini to Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles, to mention a few, has come here for the refined ambience and superb seafood. The cuisine features a harmonious balance between fish (freshly caught) and meat (including classical Venice-style liver, but also Chateaubriand and other specialities) accompanied by seasonal vegetables. Its starters epitomize the delicacy of Venetian cuisine thanks to a perfect blend of flavours, colours and culinary creativity. Its impressive menu is accompanied by an outstanding wine list featuring more than 200 of the best Italian and foreign vintages.